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Our products provide ergonomic and eco-friendly solutions that will improve the quality of your life. 

BAGGLER Bags are “Green” shopping bags.  They are reusable, washable, and foldable or roll up compact and are so convenient to carry with you at all time.  It is easy to be environmentally sensitive when you have BAGGLER Bags.

The BAGGLER® is an ideal bag carrier and bag holder.  Its patented design combines a comfortable handle made of soft rubber and capable bag hooks allowing you to carry bags easily (54 lb Capacity).  You can reduce hassle attaching your grocery bags or BAGGLER Bags attached to The BAGGLER® things don’t fall out get lost or get

Baggler Bags

Eco-friendly Durable
Carry 14 lbs Compact Ergonomic
The Baggler® Bag Bag / storage pouch is the perfect place to store your bags when you are finished unpacking.









Think of it as a shopping bag management system. Convenient compact shopping bags (
The BAGGLER® Bags) along with an ergonomic resourceful carry handle (The BAGGLER®) are conveniently packed in a storage pouch (The BAGGLER® Bag Bag). There is space for your coupons, shopping and small calculator. The carabineer clip makes all of this easy to attach the pouch to your pocketbook or shopping cart.


The BAGGLER® was created to help people to carry and manage their bags. It is a unique device with a patented design that helps you manage your bags, keeping the handles secured without getting entangled or items falling out of the bags. The hooks and tines are brilliantly designed to distribute the weight of the bags evenly. The handles of your bags can be removed easily because they slide on and off with very little effort. This handle is environmentally friendly because it is constructed of partially recycled polymers. It is light weight and compact but incredibly strong and durable (see Product Details for its capabilities). The BAGGLER® has a comfortable ergonomic handle that allows you to carry many things conveniently and painlessly.

The Baggler®

Convenient Ergonomic
Strong & Capable Light Weight
Easy to Use
Dishwasher Safe
Latex Free
The soft rubber handle is easy to hold. It is the perfect size, fits in your pocket or The BAGGLER® Bag Bag / pouch.   Carrying heavy bags won’t hurt your fingers or wrists. Bags stay attached and items stay in the bags.

You will be empowered by the capabilities of The BAGGLER®. This sturdy compact device will enable you to carry more with less pain and with out aggravation. When you set your bundles down or grab them from the back of the vehicle your bags will be attached to the hooks of your BAGGLER. Items will stay in the bags and won’t fall out or get broken. Shopping in the mall is much more enjoyable because you won’t tire as easily or struggle to manage all of your bags. The BAGGLER® carries all types of bags. Using The BAGGLER® carry handle increases the quality of life by saving time, reducing inconvenience and eliminating pain.

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